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Lifestyle Advantages

From the flexible payment plans to lifetime free jewelry maintenance warranty (limited), make your shopping worthwhile with the many more advantages offered by Lifestyle Fine Jewelry.


Easy Payment Plan

At Lifestyle Fine Jewelry we go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. We understand that big purchases cannot be paid fully, that’s why we took the initiative to tie up with all the major banks for ‘Easy Payment Plan’. You can take home the jewelry of your choice today and pay for it over the next three to twelve months. So whether you are buying it for yourself, or for someone you love, you don’t have to feel the pinch of the purchase. This advantage is applicable only for retail purchases made in UAE. 

Lifetime Limited Warranty

The stones used in fine jewelry need a degree of care during use and storage. Each stone is different in terms of hardness, toughness, reaction to heat, direct sunlight, acids, cleaners, etc. Certain Gemstones can absorb chemicals which change their colour. Taking care of your Gemstone is very important and home maintenance is fairly easy once you know your stone. If you follow a few simple rules then they will last for many years still looking good. Whether your jewelry needs polishing, shining, repairing, we can give it to you back fixed and as new.