September 22, 2018, Venice, Italy

Coronet®, announces its accomplishments at Vicenzaoro 2018 of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles for the Most diamonds set on a mobile phone case and the Most diamonds set on a lipstick case.

This innovative luxury Coronet diamond mobile phone case created with novel idea and sets total 6576 brilliant natural diamonds, 16.95 total in carats weight. Idealistically, these characteristics qualified for setting a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for Most diamonds set on a mobile phone case.

The case back reveal the iconic brand logo and the diagram of “Eden of Coronet” Most valuable guitar in the world which is the brand’s 1st GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title, using a new revolutionary setting that allows the diamonds to float in an absolutely transparent material which is used for bullet-proof glass fabrication.

One more GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title is a fantastic Coronet® diamond lipstick case, with 2216 diamonds consisted with 18.6 carats. The top of the lipstick case bejeweled with Coronet worldwide patented design element, each piece of Coronet® made with Seven high caliber natural diamonds set “WITHOUT PRONGS” holding the central diamond, along with precision of cut, symmetry and polish attribute the best fit proportion for perceiving a luminous solitaire diamond effect yet at exceptionally competitive value.

Aaron Shum, founder of Coronet® remarked, “As we recollect on it now, what a challenge it was, we have achieved the Most diamonds set on a handbag six months ago. Today, we receive two more new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles by our incredible diamond creations in this short time! This is what we believe is the key to our success. ”

This is constantly fourth and fifth time that Coronet has been honored with a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title. In March 2018, Coronet set the record for the "Most diamonds set on a handbag" with 9,888 pieces of natural diamonds, weighing 120 carats.

In 2016, Coronet® set a record for the “Most Jewels on a Guitar,” when it customized a Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass with 16,033 Swarovski crystals. In 2015, Coronet created the world’s “Most Valuable Guitar,” a Gibson glittering with diamonds weighing 400 carats, 1.6kg 18K gold and valued at USD2 million.